A portable alternative to air compressors for tubeless tires.
  • The Pressure Over Drive is a floor pump with an integrated system designed to seat tubeless tires
  • This offers tubeless tire users a portable alternative to air compressors and eliminates wasting CO2 cartridges
  • It features a secondary chamber that can be manually pressurized and then released with the integrated foot-lever
  • This provides a strong, continued blast of air capable of seating road, mountain and plus-sized tubeless setups
  • It’s built for durability and reliability with its steel and aluminum construction, and its aesthetics are enhanced with a comfortable, stylish wood handle.
  • The Pressure Over Drive has a 220psi (15 bar) pressurizing limit, with a built in safety release in the event of over inflation.
  • It comes equipped with an extra long, nylon-reinforced braided hose and our Presta/shrader compatible ABS2 chuck. It can also be used as a regular floor pump.
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COLORS: black
MAX: 220psi | 15bar

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