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The DRV/GMR is the product of a complete rethink of Profile Design’s gravel drop bar – offering enhanced fit options and greater comfort than before.

  • Bar diameter: 31.8mm
  • Top width: 42cm
  • Drop width: 500mm
  • Reach: 75mm
  • Drop from bar center: 120mm
  • Drop from tops center: 137mm
  • Stack: 9mm
  • Weight : 285g – 320g


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Where most gravel bars flare the drops , Profile Design has kept the upper part of the drops straight with a significant flare in the lower part of the drops. This allows the levers to be held in the way they were designed.

Profile Design noted that standard gravel bars designs caused the levers to be canted, which put the sharper edge of the hood in the riders palm and set to creating a bar to address this. It was also noted that many riders are trying to raise their bars, so adding rise to the DRV/GMR made sense.