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This kit includes everything you need to replace the inner tubes in your tubeless ready rims and tires with genuine Stan’s sealant–the original, and still the best tubeless tire sealant. All Mountain Bike Tubeless Kits include 200ml of sealant, 44mm brass valves, and Stan’s Yellow Tape. Kits are offered in different tape widths to fit a variety of rims

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Why go tubeless?

Using a Stan’s Tubeless System Prevents Flats

Tubeless systems featuring Stan’s sealant are able to repair punctures up to 6.5mm almost instantly, while you ride. From nails and glass, to slices in the tire caused by a hard impact, Stan’s sealant has been preventing flat tires and saving rides since 2000.

More Traction and Control

Tubeless tires are better able to contour to the road or trail, allowing for increased traction and grip. This allows for improved climbing, added control, and confidence when descending.

Faster and Lighter

Replacing an inner tube allows for lower overall air pressure, which can help decrease rolling resistance. Replacing the inner tube with Stan’s sealant also helps eliminate weight in one of the critical locations on the bike. Decreasing rotational weight of a wheel lets you accelerate faster and ride longer with less fatigue.

How does it work?

Our simple tubeless system begins with our Yellow Tape. Unlike some tapes that allow moisture to pass through them and into the rim cavity, creating a mess of glue and liquid that can corrode rims, Stan’s Yellow Tape forms a non-permeable vapor barrier for airtight protection. Our tried-and-true tubeless valves offer simple, tool-free installation, with removable valve cores to allow for easier sealant refreshes. Stan’s sealant stays liquid in your tire, ready to seal a sudden puncture almost instantly, while letting you ride faster, and with more traction and control. Stan’s sealant lets you ride further, faster, and flat-free.


  • Everything you need to quickly and easily complete your conversion to tubeless
  • Stan’s Sealant seals punctures up to 6.5mm (1/4″) quickly and offers long-lasting protection
  • 44mm brass brass feature removable valve core for easy sealant refresh and fit most mountain rims
  • Yellow Tape helps seal spoke holes airtight and does not allow liquid to pass, keeping rim interior dry
  • 200ml of sealant provides enough liquid to seal two 29” wheels with larger volume tires .

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