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  • Versatile 28mm internal width optimized for 2.2-2.5” tires
  • 6061 aluminum with sleeved joint and stainless steel rim eyelets
  • Patented BST low-profile rim shape for easy tubeless inflation and the most reliable seal
  • Matched wheelsets use traditional J-bend lacing and share a single spoke length for easy serviceability
  • E-sync hubs offer fast 8.18° engagement with reinforced pawls
  • Enduro bearings with double-row freehub bearing and cromoly axle offer 47% increase in max torque capacity over Neo hubs
  • Connection program includes 3-year E-sync hub warranty, 3-year S2 rim warranty, 1-year crash replacement, and $10 donation to trail maintenance or advocacy group of your choice


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Arch S2 wheelsets have the versatility to handle a wide range of riding conditions and are the ideal upgrade for Trail, AM, Enduro, and eBikes. When your average ride includes both tough climbs and rough descents and you want the best tubeless system in the business, the Arch S2 is for you.

Stan’s Patented Bead Socket Technology means easier tubeless inflation and more confidence on the trail. The 6061 aluminum Arch S2 rims use a reinforced spoke bed and eyeletted spoke holes for strength, along with a reliable sleeved joint that creates one very tough overall wheel. The 28mm width is extremely versatile, offering excellent cornering performance with 2.2-2.5″ tires.

The Arch S2 rolls on E-sync hubs made specifically to handle abuse and the added forces of today’s capable trail bikes and even heavier eBikes. E-sync hub durability is found in the pawl design that reduces stress on freehub and bearings, heavy duty cromoly steel axles and double row Enduro bearings, as well as the special heat treated steel ratchet rings. E-sync hubs are also designed for fast engagement, with four pawls needing only 8.18° of rotation to engage simultaneously and drive you forward. E-sync hubs are perfect for eBikes and riders who demand stronger components, but still want the fast engagement of a high-performance hub. S2 wheels are built to last long, but also be easy to service and update with changing axle and cassette standards. Traditional J-bend spokes and lacing have a proven history of ride quality, durability, and serviceability, and matched S2 wheelsets all use a single spoke length, making it easy to own and service your S2 wheelset for years.

Available with Shimano HG and 6-bolt brake style, with options to fit all popular axle configurations.Tubeless ready with rim tape comes pre-installed. When you need a reliable wheelset that’s more than capable on both the climbs and the descents, the Arch S2 is for you.


Tubeless tape installed, requires additional valve stems.

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